Dampney Product Line

Alvin Products10100Lab-metalMetal Repair Putty
Alvin Products11101Hi-Temp Lab-metalMetal Repair and Patching Compound
Alvin Products80101Rubber In A CanRubber Coating Spray
Apexior Apexior 1Boiling Water - Steam Immersion Coating
Apexior Apexior 3Fresh or Salt Water Immersion Coating
Apexior001CApexior 1CBoiling Water - Steam Immersion Coating VOC
Apexior003CApexior 3CFresh or Salt Water Immersion Coating VOC
Dymacryl1100Dymacryl 1100 Sierra ToneConcrete Stain ~ Masonry Coating
Elastoid1300Elastoid 1300High-Build Coating and Vapor Barrier
Endcor01-400Endcor® 400Wash Metal Primer
Endcor700CEndcor® 700CEpoxy Polyamide Coating
Endcor450Endcor® 450Rust Rinse, Metal Conditioner
Endcor01-460Endcor® 460Rust Converter
Endcor560CEndcor® 560CMultipurpose Alkyd Primer
Endcor860Endcor® 860Endcor 860
Endcor772Endcor® 772Black Coal Tar Epoxy-Polyamide Coating
Endcor Endcor® 750CHigh Solids Low VOC Polyamide Epoxy Primer
Endcor Endcor® 835Zinc Rich Primer
Endcor Endcor® 8898Silicone Alkyd Self Priming Coating
Endcor745Endcor® 745Polyamide-cured Epoxy Based Coating
Endcor4600CEndcor® 4600CModified Polyester Urethane Coating
Epodur Epodur 793100% Solids Epoxy Masonry Damp Proofing Sealer
Epodur1870Epodur® 1870Cold Galvanizing Compound
Epodur1890Epodur® 1890Weld-Thru Primer
Protexior794Protexior® 794Chemical Resistant Epoxy
Protexior795Protexior® 795Chemical Resistant VOC Primer
ProtexiorP-793Protexior® 793Protexior 793 Epoxy Mortar
Stove Paint270-290Stove PaintHigh Temperature Stove Paint
Temperature Indicating Coatings884-085Thurmalox® 884-085Temperature Indicating Coating
Temperature Indicating Coatings884-082 Green884-082 GreenTemperature Indicating Coating